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The latest and greatest from Brooklyn-based record label Fool's Gold, founded by DJs A-Trak and Nick Catchdubs. Featuring exclusive DJ mixes from FG artists and friends, new music, live cuts, interviews and tons of surprises.

In an interview a few years back about his brand Team Works, Neal Santos described his vision thusly: "Quality stuff, shit that won't fall apart after the first wash. And for inspirations, it's fuckin’ not even so much that it's New York shit, it's just shit that hits home. Enough of the bite of the bite of the bite of the funny logo bite. Show me something real, something heartfelt, something that actually means something. Show me. I don't care if it's a full print. Nigga, it could be a oversize full print. I might have to wear a turtleneck but you know, if it's real, dude hook me up."

This attitude perfectly sums up why Neal has been a NYC fixture (and friend of FG since Fat Beats!), and why we asked him to put together the first Foolcast of the Summer. It's hot out here!

1. Bobby Valentin - El Caiman
2. Tommy Olivencia - Trucutu
3. Joe Cuba - El Pito
4. Cortijo Y Su Combo - Tuntuneco
5. Africando - Yayboy
6. Kako Y Cortijo - Que Le Paso
7. Kako - Ala Berdeque
8. Ismael Rivera - Quitate De La Via Perico
9. Ismael Rivera - Ahi Na Ma
10. Cortijo - Severa
11. Celina Y Reutilio- El Carretero
12. Ismael Rivera - Deja Lo Que Suba
13. Johnny Ventura - Patacon Pisao
14. Fernandito Villalona - Felix Cumbe
15. Fernandito Villalona - El Negro Esta Rabioso
16. Fernandito Villlalona - Taboco Y Ron
17. Johnny Ventura - Abusadora
18. Julio Voltio - El Mellao
19. Julio Voltio - Julito Maraña
20. Khriz Y Angel - La Vecina
21. Oscar De Leon f. Tego Calderon - Lloras
22. Jerry Rivera - Amores Como El Nuestro
23. Eddie Santiago - Lluvia
24. Los Adolecentes - Me Tengo Que Ir
25. El Gran Combo - Si Dios Fuera Negro
26. El Gran Combo - Un Verano En Nueva York
27. Hector Lavoe - Aguanile


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